Instructor Niki’s Zumba Story

Niki Now pic 1

Niki after Zumba!

Hi Guys! Welcome to the official launch of the LATIN FITNESS Blog. A blog where we can communicate ideas and knowledge, but above all where we can be here for one another. I am happy to be able to tell you my story. As a child I was very slender and petite. Soon things had changed and throughout my teenage years I became a dress size 12 with a very large bust! (my friends can vouch for me) And after my children were born I grew into a size 14, which for me was not the norm. I then decided I needed to make a change for myself and discovered Zumba. My love was so great that I soon went on to teach Zumba classes almost 4 years ago. I am now content with my size and feel fitter than ever…….And this could be you!

During these years the Zumba classes have built up a community and created a family that I am proud to be a part of and I hope this inspires others to do the same. This is why I have set up a Newsletter to: 1) promote local and Zumba members’ businesses (please sign up to receive some exclusive offers!) and 2) to further build this community. This Blog is also another expression of that and aims to offer some advice and share other members’ experiences. Please send your testimony and Zumba experience to so we can feature it – don’t be shy! People love to read how others have achieved their goals – it is possible!

Before Zumba!

Before Zumba!

The most frequent question I get asked is where do I learn the dances and songs from in the class? The Zumba network brings out new tracks every 6 weeks, some to my taste, some not. So I select the songs which I believe will work best for our classes. It generally takes me 30 seconds of a track to decide if I like it or not. Then most of the dances are choreographed by me! They are a mix of standard Latin dance moves and other dance genres, which I like to incorporate in our routines. I have to decide what you guys will enjoy, ensuring high fast pace and explosive dance moves, yet challenging to keep up an interest. It takes quite a while to formulate a routine and then practice it, teach it to the other instructors and remember it! So forgive me if I go wrong occasionally ;0)
Enjoy reading the blog every week; please sign up and also to the Newsletter. Go and join the Facebook group page and look out for our exclusive offers from our advertisers! So hurry, give us your own testimony so we can share the love  ♥
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