Read how Leanne lost over 12 stone – CLICK HERE…..

What you do quote“Hi my name is Leanne, I live in Cheshunt and would like to share my weight loss story with you.

Leanne before Slimming World & Zumba

Leanne before Slimming World & Zumba

It wasn’t until I was 21 that I finally decided to take control and do something about my weight. I saw a picture in a magazine of Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus after loosing a lot of weight and I thought – if Michelle can do it so can I.

So the following week I went with my Mum and Auntie to their Slimming World group and I haven’t looked back.

After loosing a few stone I plucked up the courage to go swimming and started ballroom classes. About four years ago my friend mentioned a dance class – Zumba – that she went to and how much fun it was. So the following week I went along to my first Zumba class, I had so much fun and couldn’t wait to go again. I started going once a week and enjoyed learning the dances. After a few weeks I knew the dance moves and started to push myself to work that bit harder.

Leanne after

Amazing Leanne now!

Zumba gives me such a buzz, it’s great fun and I always leave exhausted, dripping in sweat but still smiling. It was eight years ago that I started to loose weight and have lost 12 and a half stone, 4 of which I have lost by doing Zumba.

Niki, Sabrina and the rest of the Zumba team are so full of praise and encouragement it makes you want to push yourself that bit further. I love Zumba and would recommend it to everyone. I can’t imagine not doing Zumba, it’s a big part of my life now. Eight years on I’m happier and healthier than I have ever been.

I want to say a huge thank you to Niki and co, they do an amazing job pushing and encouraging all of us. It’s not often you find an exercise class that is so much fun and makes you want to keep going back.

I hope my story has helped, just remember keep positive, stick with it and you will achieve your goals. Xx”

Just one word – INCREDIBLE! Well done Leanne – you look amazing! We would love to hear your story ;0)

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2 thoughts on “Read how Leanne lost over 12 stone – CLICK HERE…..

  1. Leanne you look amazing a true inspiration to everyone. I see you at Zumba each week, your energy is electrifing. I would love you to come along with your mum to my Slimming World group to share your story and love for Zumba. Kimxxx

  2. Leanne this is great, I just thought I must finally get on and read these blogs that people are writing and I have danced next to you so many times and always smile as a friendly stranger but no more than that as like you say dripping with sweat and learning the moves but have looked at this and realised I didn’t recognise you from school days seeing this old photo. This is amazing what you have achieved well done and great to see you again if you do remember me xxxx

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