How Zumba helped Sandra with the effects of cancer… her story

Keep calm and Zumba“Hi. My name is Sandra, I live in Cheshunt and would like to share some of my life story, so here goes……

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a shock that was and I immediately thought “that is it, my life is over” but how wrong was I?

Sandra now

Sandra Fit and healthy!

Four years ago I was introduced to Zumba with Niki, through a friend, who I think, came to two classes then gave up. But I was hooked and have been coming ever since with a few breaks here and there. I hadn’t been for about seven months and noticed how my weight was creeping up, so decided it was time to take some action. I joined Weight Watchers in March this year 2013 and to date I have lost almost two and a half stone. This is where the Zumba programme comes in. I made my return to a Monday night class with Niki and was welcomed back with open arms. Everyone was so friendly and although the first class killed me I was hooked once again. I have since introduced Sunday mornings with Sabrina to my regime and more recently added Thursday evenings so making it three times a week and making full use of the 3 sessions for £12.

I am loving all the classes, the music is fantastic and all the team are lovely and would recommend Zumba to anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up and have fun doing it. I would like to think I have gone from the most horrendous time in my life to the very best and I am living it to the full every day and Zumba is playing a big part.

 I would like to thank all the Zumba team for helping me get where are am today.  Love Sandra x”

Thank you Sandra – very courageous of you to tell us your story.  Everyone is so different – we would love to hear yours ;0)

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Zumba Fitness with NIKI & Team x x

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