Top Zumba Tips from Niki

Hi Guys! 

Our Zumba ® Fitness programme is all about having fun while getting FIT!!! Our team will encourage you to execute the dances to the best that you can. Remember there are no mistakes in Zumba®. As long as you’re breathing, as long as you’re moving, as long as you’re having fun, you’re doing Zumba® correctly.

 Below are some Zumba Tips To Maximise Your Workout!

Let Loose

Zumba® is all about having fun and joining the party, which is hard to do if you’re stiff or self-conscious! The best way to burn more calories in class is to let go, have fun, and try not to think too much. Letting yourself go will let the calories go!

 Maximize Your Arm Movement

During the moves, be sure to fully extend your arms. You’ll boost your calorie burn and engage more muscles by maximizing your arm movements during class. It’s not that tricky and you can do a lot for your body by lengthening, raising, and extending with ooooomph.

Up PicMaximize Your Movements

There is a lot going on during Zumba® and you probably don’t want more things to think about, but there are a few extra things you can do to maximize your movements. We’ve just mentioned the arms –  next  putting a hop in your step –  pressing into your heels before you lift your legs and keeping your abs tight are great ways to tone more muscles and burn more calories!

 Move Up and Down MoreDown pic

When we take you through a level change try and do it. All that up and down movement will not only boost your burn, it will also get your glutes, hips, and thigh muscle firing even more. Sit into your moves, bend your knees, and go up and down and all around as much as you can—level changes burn extra calories!

Around Arrow PicWork Your Booty

As we know there is always a lot of booty shaking in Zumba®! Just shake it—and shake it good pressing through your heels whenever you can to maximize the move’s booty shaping benefits.

Rock the Moves You Know

So maybe you don’t have every move mastered yet, that’s OK! You can still get a great workout as long as you rock the moves you’ve got! Always accentuate the moves that you are actually comfortable with. Make the most out of that shimmy you love, or the salsa step you have mastered. Feel confident in adding your own flair to the movement. If you know it, show it!


We know life is one big rush but please take the time to stretch before and after your class.  You’re using your whole body during the workout and not only will you burn more calories if your muscles are loosened up, you’ll also decrease the risk of any injury.

Drink WaterWater H2O

We cannot stress enough on how important it is to sip your water regularly! You are sweating and breathing hard so you need to put water back into your body. Without adequate water you’ll get dizzy, lethargic, your muscles won’t work as well, you won’t feel as sharp mentally, and you’ll get cramps sooner. Also gives you more energy and helps you kick it up a notch and burn more calories.

Bubble 4Newbie Tips

Beginners are welcome in all classes, as we always say everyone was a beginner at some point. You do not have to be a certain age, weight, or a dancer to join our programme. When a new fitness dance is introduced everyone has to pick-up the moves at the same time. Go easy on yourselves just like with anything you may have never tried Zumba® before  – so how would you know the steps!


Do Not Worry

Don’t get too worried or frustrated about the dancing, you don’t need to be a dancer to take Zumba®. If you love music, you will love our programme. We are not judging your salsa skills! Everyone works at different levels – we all come together to have a good time 


Remember to Breathe! Listen to your body, If you feel tired or out of breath, slow down. Don’t use your arms or take it down a notch. Your body needs to build up endurance and strength, don’t think you can do it all right away. 


It’s important to maintain a proper posture during Zumba® mainly for safety from injuries. Rib cage lifted, spine elongated, hips tucked in, head high, knees slightly bent and not locked, shoulders relaxed, and most importantly, abs tucked in (belly button to spine) to protect your back. Remember that the hip motion comes from your knees (flexing and straightening of the knees).  On a squat, you must be able to see your toes or you will put too much stress on your knees.

We look forward to shaking with you all at  your next class ;0)

Zumba Fitness with NIKI & Team x x


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