Karen has lost 16lb in 4 weeks doing Zumba! Click here to read her story…….

Zumba problem dancing in the mall Hi, my name is Karen Jackson (nee Kirkham), I have been a  member of Niki’s Zumba team for 4 weeks and heading into my 5th  week now as I write this. I joined with my daughter Rayna, who  initially came to give me moral support.

Karen before

Karen before Zumba!

Last February I weighed-in at 19.5 stones and a size 22/24 clothes! I’m a taxi driver which is the worst job in the world for munching when bored and getting zero exercise. By November 2013, my weight had dropped to 14.5 stones and I was down to a dress size 16, but I then felt the weight loss had slowed right down. Although I’d done pretty well I knew that I could no longer do this alone, I needed exercise. I don’t have time for the gym, swimming etc being a busy mum and I needed something that was going to hold my attention.

Karen February 2014

Karen in February 2014

And there it was! During the exact time of feeling low, I was working in my taxi, picking up a customer at Brookfield Shopping Village, when this music just seemed to call out at me. I just stood and watched this Zumba crew dancing all synchronised. I found myself dancing while putting a lady’s shopping in the car, and yes I was jigging along with them!

It seemed to stick I’m my mind, because early January this year, I plucked up the courage to ring Niki!

I’m not a very confident person, but Niki put me at ease straight away. She was chatty, friendly and genuinely interested in what I was asking…. So, on the 7th January, with Rayna by my side, off I went!

My thoughts about Zumba were that it would be full of young, slim toned, body perfect types that can dance and …….. there would be me!

As it turned out, it is the friendliest bunch of ladies, all shapes, all sizes, all ages and all there for the same reason!

We both jumped straight into the programme with 3 sessions a week, and have just boosted it to 4. Rayna has lost 8lb and dropped a dress size! I have lost 16lb in the first 4 weeks and am also down a dress size!

We both are aware that the weight loss will slow down as we get closer to our goal weight, but we will also be toned when we get there too!

And Rayna … initially there for moral support is now hooked! Best phone call I ever made!

Thanx Niki & co. xxxx

Its our pleasure Karen! This shows what can be done in a short period of time with focus and commitment – keep at it all you Newbies! x

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Zumba Fitness with NIKI & Team x x

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