Emma and Michael Zumba together! Click here to read their story…….

Hi, I’m Emma and I love to dance and about 5 years ago my fiance, Michael, and I both started Salsa Dancing together which we Emma An Michael beforereally enjoyed but due to work/life commitments we eventually stopped going. I had heard about the Zumba craze on the TV and thought it looked like fun mixing dancing with aerobics to great music (salsa beats which we both love!). I researched on the internet local Zumba classes and found Zumba Fitness with Niki and Team. I went to my first Zumba class about 3 years ago now on my own (which was a little scary) and absolutely loved it! The whole vibe, the energy, the music and of course Niki made the experience really welcoming and I was hooked! I then spoke to my (soon to be) Mother in Law Pam Kirkman about it and she came with me to the next class and like me got hooked! (There’s a theme here……..) After a couple of months of raving about it to Michael I eventually talked him into coming with us. Due to him being a Taxi Driver, it meant Michael had become overweight and unmotivated when it came to exercising.  After he plucked up the courage to attend his first class, with much trepidation, he was surprised at how much he really enjoyed it. The music and the dancing which was similar to salsa dancing meant he was hooked (there’s that theme again……). Michael doesn’t like the gym because he finds it boring but at Zumba he finds the energy and people very motivating and non-judgmental.

Emma An Michael after

Emma and Michael Jan 2014

We have now been attending classes with Niki for just over 3 years on and off and the same energy and enthusiasm we had at the beginning is still with us. We now have the extra motivation of our impending wedding in June 2014 which means we are both watching what we eat and exercising even more! We mix up both Zumba and Zumba Toning and attend at least 3 classes a week (combined with other things) and find that this is really helping to burn fat but also tone up at the same time. Niki has also been really helpful with regards to diet, especially for Michael who wants to bulk up (muscles) whilst losing the weight. She has been recommending supplements and foods and the results are amazing! (His guns are coming along nicely thank you very much Niki!). We now both have masses more energy and have so far lost 5 stone between us since we started 3 years ago but just since Christmas Michael has lost 10lbs and I have lost 16lbs (and 2 dress sizes). We have cut down on carbohydrates, sugar, fat and unhealthy snacks and eat more salads and lean protein such as fish and chicken. We still have a treat at the weekend like some crisps with a movie, dessert on a Sunday and a little tipple here and there. We feel that we are both on track to looking and feeling in tip top condition for our wedding in June, which we are both really excited about now as it’s not long to go!

We both love our weekly Zumba classes with Niki and the team and would recommend it to everyone, men and women! It’s a really fun and energising way to get fit and lose weight and we will continue to enjoy the classes for many more years to come. We both want to personally thank Niki for all of her help and support over the years and for making us both feel like part of the Zumba family.

Love Emma and Michael xxx

Awwwwwwwww, this is a lovely story and should inspire us to get more men along! I am wearing down my husband to go…………;0) Charlotte x

PS Emma and Michael we would  love to publish wedding pic after the big day in June  to celebrate your achievement!

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