We will miss you Natalie! Read her Zumba story……

Natalie Niki SuzanneHi my name is Natalie, I am from Cheshunt, but immigrating to Australia next week! Before I go I would love to share my story with you. It was mid-2010 when I started to really get into my fitness, mainly consisted of going to the gym (paying for a personal trainer) and doing 5 mile runs here and there but I felt like it wasn’t enough, I wanted to do more but something completely different than the bog standard stuff you do at the gym and seeing the same old run route.

My friend Rose introduced me to Zumba® and having attended Hip Hop classes a year ago in Harlow, I thought I have to check it out. I stopped going Hip Hop because it was too expensive, not always guaranteed to get there due to my job, the class started early and the girls seemed very competitive and it seemed very cliquey. I wished I had found Niki’s Zumba® class earlier, the staff and the members were just so accommodating and I felt so at home. My first ever class was tough, Niki and team made sure we worked hard and sweated. The atmosphere, the music and the energy was just unbelievable. I was hooked Natalie dancing clappinginstantly, I couldn’t believe how much my muscles were aching, especially muscles I was unaware I had. I was very excited to go to the next available class. I stopped going to gym and started doing 3 classes a week and occasionally I would up it to 4-5 classes a week. I also tried out Niki’s Zumba® toning class which I loved too.

I remember one Monday class looking at Niki’s team members dancing either side of her thinking I wish I can do that, but I didn’t think for once it would ever happen. There was never a dull moment in Niki’s classes, every class I have been to has been absolutely brilliant, really fun and I always walked out with a big grin on my face.

Late 2011 Niki approached me asking if I would like to be part of the team and help out on Monday and Wednesday classes! I was shocked at first, I didn’t know what to say, only to think; “is this a dream”? I went away and discussed this with my partner and he said “go for it”. So I did. At first, I was very nervous, it can be very daunting dancing in front of 100’s of women that I don’t really know. I am a massive worrier and I was worrying that I would mess up and let Niki, her team and members down. I wanted to prove to everyone I was a good team player, willing to encourage members to work hard and achieve their goals just like Niki and her team did. After a few classes my confidence grew and I started to feel comfortable dancing in front of everyone. It was so much fun, this might sound silly, but at times, especially Wednesday’s class I felt like I was in a Zumba® fitness workout DVD, on stage with sparkling Natalie dancing arms uplights. It wasn’t long until I was really interacting with the members and next thing I knew, I made lots of friends.

Come 2012 I had to leave Niki and the team for 4 months whilst my partner and I travelled. I did wonder how I was going to cope not being able to do any Zumba®, but 4 months flew by and I was back to Zumba® in no time, and was surprised with myself I still remembered the routines. Mid 2012 Niki asked if I would like to join back to the team and of course I said yes without any hesitations.

 I joined back at the time of people taking holidays and Niki asked if I would be comfortable helping the team with covering the classes. I was taken back that she asked me and I started to freak. Niki had faith in me and knew I was capable in assisting the girls.  Before I knew it I was doing just that. Helping the girls cover a class for the first time can be very nerve racking, and I was nervous. As soon as the warm up was over and we were into the next routine all of my nerves disappeared.

 It was all down to the big smiles and the enjoyment on all of the members faces that got me through it. It was indeed a sheer delight. Any opportunity to help the girls cover a class I was there to help, and when I did I made sure I helped the girls work the members hard.

Not only is Niki and her team amazing Zumba® instructors but they are truly amazing, inspiring teachers. I wouldn’t have offered to assist the team without their training expertise and all of you members’ support. It has been a dream to learn, have the opportunity to provide guidance and encouragement to you all.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Niki and team for all their support, faith and guidance and especially believing in me in making my dream and many members’ dreams come true. It is proven that if you put your mind to it you will achieve anything. I have a made such brilliant friends here at Niki Zumba® fitness and I am truly going to miss you all. Don’t believe anyone that tells you Zumba® is not the effective way to lose weight or to tone up as you can see from the amazing stories that it is effective. Not only is Zumba® effective in helping towards building your fitness levels i.e. stamina, it really builds your confidence, your self-esteem, gets you meeting new people,  make new friends and more importantly you become part of a family and I am surely going to miss my family.

So please, spread the word, Zumba® Fitness with NIKI & Team at Latin Fitness Academy is the place to be. 

We will really miss your happy smiley face Natalie and wish you all the best in Oz. xx ;0) xx Charlotte

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Zumba Fitness with NIKI & Team x x

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