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Hello Zumba ®  people my name is Chloe Zacharias and I am 23 years old. I nervously started Zumba ® back in 2010 when I was 19 (at a weight of 11 stone 6). I never persisted with most exercise classes I had attended before. I was recommended by a friend to start this Zumba ® class with Niki. They said it was the best class they had ever been too. With this in mind I was intrigued to try it out……..

Niki was, and still is, very welcoming to all new and existing class members. She always has the time to talk to you and has a grin on her face consistently (even during the exercise, I don’t know how she does it!) I knew as soon as I had completed my first session I loved it and I wanted to keep going.


Beautiful Chloe!


And I did, for a year and a half, 3 times a week, losing a stone in weight! I couldn’t get enough!!

Then……..unfortunately losing my Dad in 2011 resulted in stopping Zumba ® due to financial constraints. From 2011 to now I had felt sluggish, unconfident and just missing that Zumba ® music. Now I am back, doing it 3 times a week again and I have never felt happier.

 It was really nice that Niki remembered me after all this time. She is an inspiration to me and I am so glad I’m back!!

lots of love, Chloe xxx


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