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Zumba Class Rule picMy name is Nicola and I have been coming to Zumba® since summer of 2010.

I had heard about Zumba® as it was the new craze and it was good for fitness and weight loss and as I was 6 months post giving birth to my daughter I thought I would give it a go.  I saw a friend on Facebook and went to a Zumba® class that Niki taught.

It took me a while to learn all the dance moves, but I instantly loved it.  I started doing 1 class a week and then built up to 2 classes a week, for about a year.  Then I had a break as I found out I was pregnant again, but then re-joined back in September 2012 where I started doing Zumba® toning once a week (which I loved) and maybe another class whenever was possible.

Since November 2013 I have regularly done a Friday morning toning class and one other evening and a weekend class.  I like to be able to mix the classes up with 1 or 2 toning class with 1 or 2 normal classes.  Since this year I have joined in with the loyalty card – first with the 3 classes for £12, and then the last 3 months with Niki’s monthly loyalty card for £50 which enables you to go as many classes as you can. This gives me the incentive to keep going.  If I could I would go most nights but with my and my husband’s commitments it is not always possible. I try to do at least 3/4 classes a week.Nicola and Hubby with writing

Since I have started doing 3 or more classes I have found my fitness has got a lot better and since I have pushed to 2 toning classes a week my arms have toned up in a short space of time.

I love all the Latin music and the dance moves are very easy to follow, but very energetic at the same time.  I come out of every class feeling like I have done a good workout – as Niki would say “Drip, Drip”!

Niki and the team are lovely, they are all really welcoming.  Niki has so much energy and enthusiasm in every class she does which gives you that extra drive to push yourself much harder.  Niki has so many members that I felt quite honoured when she called me by my first name.

Out of all of Niki’s members I am not the one who has had the biggest weight loss, but I have lost those baby weight pounds as well as getting toned and my fitness has improved immensely.

Niki has built up an amazing and friendly environment in which to exercise, so much so that I would never consider getting another gym membership!


Thanks Nicola for your story – and I bet your husband loves your toned shape too! Charlotte ;0)

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