Read lovely Kasia’s story this week… here

Kasia before

Kasia in 2011 – 12.5 stone!

“I first heard about Niki’s Zumba® class from a friend who had been going on Monday nights. Before this I had been attending other classes, trying to find a Zumba® class I loved, but found nothing was really gripping me, pushing me and I wasn’t really working up a sweat or getting that excitement- so thought I would give this one a go. This was about 2.5 years ago……….

From that first Monday night session I was hooked! I came away dripping with sweat wondering how I would ever manage to keep up not only the routines, but the high energy, fast pace and physical stamina it required! But I had absolutely loved the music, loved Niki’s energy and enthusiasm which just spurred everyone on and I wanted more! I returned the following week, and the following and the following…. now 2.5 years later I love the routines, the music, the vibe, the energy Niki generates in the room.

Kasia after

Slim & toned Kasia now!

About 4 years ago I lost 3 stone in weight. I was proud of my achievement and needed to keep it off without the extreme dieting I had been doing.  I wanted to maintain my weight, hence trying to find a class to enable me to do this. This is where  Niki’s classes came in for me. Initially I kept up 2 classes a week- a toning and a Zumba® to keep a balance of both. Due to recent life constraints (mother of 2, currently studying my PGCE at university to become a primary school teacher, and working full time in a primary school and hubby who works late some eve’s ) sadly at the moment I can only manage one class a week- I wish I could do more….

But I swear its that one class a week that keeps me not only sane for the week but which also maintains my weight and fitness levels. Where else can you go and burn off 500-1000 calories, do nearly 6 miles, have fun, dance, listen to some amazing music, be in a room full of welcoming people and have an instructor who has just got it spot on with her energy and enthusiasm that keeps everyone in that room motivated and having fun!! I honestly believe without my weekly Zumba® my weight loss would not have stayed off!

No matter if I’ve had a rubbish week or how busy everything gets … once I get into that room at 8pm I know for 1 hour I can forget it all and just dance dance dance! I use some of the punches and dances to get rid of my frustration, I use some of the moves to pretend I am not really in Hertfordshire in the daily grind but really in a hot sunny climate dancing on the beach somewhere! The hour flies by and I go home feeling revived for another week.

So for me Niki’s Zumba® class (whichever one it is I can make that particular week because they are all as welcoming as each other) is my time out from the busy period in my life, where I get not only my weekly exercise, I maintain my weight loss, but also where I get my fix of fun, dancing and ‘me’ time and to lose myself for that hour.”


Thank you for your story Kasia – you look in fantastic shape! Charlotte ;0)

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