Alison loves her Zumba family – read her story….click here

Alison before

Alison Before!

Don't give up quote“Hi everyone, I’m Alison Brookes.  I have been attending Niki’s classes on and off for about 2 ½ years.  I started with Party Night and to say I am now hooked is an understatement!  I am the loud one who now stands near the front (thanks to my lovely new mates) and got locked in the toilet………… There is always a story when I am around!

There are days when you get home from work and feel tired – my job can be pretty stressful at times – other days you are miserable and days when you feel like you just can’t be bothered.  I push myself to go, get my new-found friends to give me encouragement and motivation and soon enough feel so much better and glad I turned up.

There are a few moves I can’t do but Niki has been really helpful and taught me other exercises to do so I am not just standing there like a lemon!  Niki is so full of energy (I don’t

Lovely Alison Now!

Lovely Alison Now!

know how she does it) and by far the best Zumba® teacher.  My son used to do football training at Woodson Park and I did classes there for a while – I had two beads of sweat as opposed to soggy clothes with Niki!  She always has time for you and is so supportive, gently pushing you without you realising she is doing it.  I feel like I belong to a lovely Zumba® family now, so much so that I shared my good news in class when I got the all clear from a breast cancer scare recently.

I joined Slimming World in March and have upped my Zumba® class attendance to three classes a week when I can.  It’s great to know that if I can’t make a specific night I just go the next!  I am more confident with my clothes now and looking forward to losing more weight and toning up.  I’ll even get a bloke one day!!

I would just like to thank Niki and all the other teachers/assistants for their hard work, dedication and commitment to helping us get our fit bodies and generally having a great time and going home with a smile on our faces.”


Keep up the great work Alison! Charlotte ;0)

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